Thursday, January 22, 2015

If you have a young child who has trouble sleeping you'll want to read this.

A pool by the National Sleep Foundation found that two out of every three children ten years old or under have experienced some kind of sleep disorder.

If your child has trouble sleeping, a University of Oxford study is cause for hope.

Study findings showed that children who took 600 mg supplement of Omega-3 enjoyed 58 more minutes of sleep and seven fewer waking episodes each night then the children given corn and soybean placebos.

The study found that higher levels of the long-chain Omege-3 DHA were significantly associated not only better sleep, but less bedtime resistance.

Although further research is required because only a small number (362) of children were involved in the study, co-investigator Dr. Ale Richardson is optimistic...

"This randomized controlled trial does suggest that children’s sleep can be improved by DHA supplements and indicates yet another benefit of higher levels of omega-3 in the diet,” he says.

You can purchase high-quality fish and plant-based DHA supplements in most grocery stores and pharmacies.

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