Sunday, July 19, 2015

A way for elderly men to lower their risk of death by 40%.

Research recently published online in the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that thirty minutes of physical activity a day, six days a week lowered the risk of death in elderly men by 40%.  The intensity of the activity did not matter.

The initial health check of the study participants was in 1972/73.  All 15,000 men who took part were born between 1923 and 1932.

During that year, 2,000 the participants who were still living were monitored for almost 12 years.  Of the 5,738 who took part in both health checks, 2,154 died over the course of the 12 years.

Here's they found:
-Less than half an hour a week of light physical activity was not associated with a lowered risk of death from any cause.
-But more than an hour a week was linked to a 32% to 56% lowered risk of death. 
-Less than an hour of vigorous physical activity, on the other hand, was linked to a reduction in risk of between 23% and 37% for cardiovascular disease and death from any cause.
-The more time spent doing vigorous exercise; the lower the risk seemed to be -- falling between 36% and 49%.
-Men who regularly engaged in moderate to vigorous physical activity during their leisure time lived five years longer, on average, than those who were classified as sedentary.

Overall, the study showed that 30 minutes of physical activity--of light or vigorous intensity--6 days a week was associated with a 40% lower risk of death from any cause.

Researchers pointed out that the impact of exercise on this age group is similar to the improvement in their health if they quit smoking.


"Even if you're ill, physical activity at a lower level will help you beat it." - Dr. Jim Loehr

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