Tuesday, April 28, 2015

A 115 year old woman's two secrets to a long life.

Her name is Emma Morano.

The Gerontology Research Group lists her as the fifth-oldest living person in the world.
She was born on November 29, 1899 in Civiasco Italy.

Later she moved to Verbania Italy a small town in northwest Italy.

In Verbania, where she still lives, she got a job in a factory making jute sacks, the bags most commonly used to hold potatoes.

She was married once, but it ended in 1938 after the death of her only child.

And while she's been single ever since, it was not for lack of men vying for her attention.  However over the years she's managed to resist all advances.

Her decision to do so is one of things she credits her longevity to.

She says after her unhappy marriage she "didn't want to be dominated by anyone."

The other thing she credits her long life to is raw eggs.   Since her teenage years she's slurped down three of them a day.  She started eating raw eggs after her doctor told her it would be good for her anemia (a condition where a lack of iron in the blood leads to a reduction in the number of red blood cells.)

One hundred years of eating three eggs a day is just shy of 110,000 eggs.  That's a lot of eggs.  (Note: In recent years she's reduced her consumption to two raw eggs per day.)

Morano has a positive attitude and still lives alone in a two room apartment (which she refuses to leave even for doctor visits.)  And according to her doctor (who visits her in her home,) "s
he's aware of the privilege of living."

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