Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Study confirms energy drinks create 66% higher risk for problems in schoolchildren…

The average age of the students in the study was 12.4 years.

The 1,649 middle-school students who took part in the study consumed an average of two sugared energy drinks per day (the range of consumption was from zero to seven drinks).

The study, done by the Yale School of Public Health, found that children who consumed heavily sweetened energy drinks were 66% more likely to be at risk for hyperactivity and inattention symptoms. 

Professor and lead researcher Jeannette Ickovics, director of CARE (Community Alliance for Research and Engagement) at the School of Public Health had this to say...

"As the total number of sugar-sweetened beverages increased, so too did risk for hyperactivity and inattention symptoms among our middle-school students.  Importantly, it appears that energy drinks are driving this association.  Our results support the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation that parents should limit consumption of sweetened beverages and that children should not consume any energy drinks."

Some sugar-sweetened energy drinks contain up to 40 grams of sugar per day.  The recommended daily sugar intake for children (depending upon their age) ranges from 21 to 33 grams. 

Of course, hyperactivity and inattention aren't the only problems that may occur.  A consistently high-sugar intake can also lead to childhood obesity.


This might be the first generation where kids are dying at a younger age than their parents and it's related primarily to the obesity problem.” – Actress Judy Davis

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