Wednesday, August 26, 2015

An easy way to make a huge difference in the lives of the people around you...

"I'm never going to play for this guy."

That's what All-Pro offensive lineman and Green Bay Packer Jerry Kramer thought to himself about his coach Vince Lombardi.

Kramer had jumped offside in a practice scrimmage and Lombardi made him pay for it.  Lombardi, who had an in-your-face style of coaching (popular forty or fifty years ago,) got right up in Kramer's face and said...

"Mister, the concentration period of a college student is five minutes. High school is three minutes. Kindergarten is 30 seconds and you don't even have that. So where does that put you?"
It completely embarrassed and demoralized Kramer.

When practice was over Kramer sat in the locker room.  Hand on chin.  Elbow on knee.  Eyes glued to the floor.

Just then Lombardi walked into the locker room.  He slapped Kramer on the back of his neck, messed up his hair and said...

"Son, one day you're going to be the best guard in football."

Lombardi turned and walked away.

That comment totally changed Kramer's attitude.  He says Lombardi's words "allowed him to think about being a great football player."

From that day on he worked his tail off.  He gave the coach everything he had.

In 1969, the National Football League's Hall of Fame selectors voted Kramer the greatest guard in the NFL's first 50 years.

The morale to the story?

We all have the power to make a difference in someone's life...and it doesn't cost a penny.  All it takes is a few well-placed words of encouragement.  Their impact can't be understated and, in many cases, lasts a lifetime.

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