Thursday, August 20, 2015

Do you know what you eat?

Food labels don't always have all of the ingredients listed that are in your products and you will be shocked to know which items are fooling you. Food adulteration is what happens when something is added or removed from a product without putting it on the label.  It is estimated that this is happening in about 10% of all products sold.

So what products does this happen with? Olive oil will be thinned out to up to 70% canola or soybean oil. Sometimes it contains no actual olive oil at all. Honey will be brought in from other countries containing pesticides and antibiotics. Some honey even has added corn syrup to reduce costs. Another tainted food is Parmesan cheese. They add cellulose, a wood fiber to keep products from sticking together. This should make up 2-3% of cheese but can be found in the cheeses we buy from 14-32%.

The FDA is passing new acts which will help them better inspect these food companies but until then, be cautious and smart about what you buy. Try to get local products when possible. Buy foods as unprocessed as possible- buying fresh versus ground herbs. Be wary of too good to be true offers, most likely they are. 

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